About us

About us

Since 2004

Anyksciai Education Assistance Authority is an institution which provides services for non-formal adult education. The Authority was established in 2004. This is an in-service training institution aiming at European, national and regional needs concerning educational, cultural, political, and social tendencies as well as the needs of the local community.

The main objectives of Anyksciai Education Assistance Authority are:

  • to organize the qualification training for members of educational institutions and other communities;
  • to initiate active participation in the educational reform;
  • to help teachers who work with special needs students: to provide information, consultation and recommendations.

The spheres of the activities are:

  • the advancement of teachers’ qualifications
  • non-formal adult education
  • helping pupils, schools, teachers.

Continue learning

Opportunity or adults

The Authority aims at providing an opportunity for adults to continue learning all their life, be flexible and be ready to adapt in the changing world. The activities of Anyksciai Education Assistance Authority  include investigating the in-service training needs of pedagogues and specialists of other fields, and designing the syllabus for in-service training; organizing in-service training courses, seminars, lectures, conferences and other events; disseminating the good experience of teachers who work with creative power as well as educational institutions; cooperating with educational institutions of Lithuania and non-governmental organizations in the field of professional development of pedagogues and other specialists; promoting and supporting cultural activities of educational institutions, organizing exhibitions and shows of the works of pedagogues and other adults, organizing other cultural events.

The Authority has been organizing various activities: seminars, courses (computer literacy and foreign languages, art workshops), exhibitions, projects, educational trips. The Education Assistance Authority has organized a number of courses and seminars for various people: teachers, the unemployed, volunteers from Community Centers of the region, civil servants, seniors, people with disabilities, and for anyone interested in acquiring new skills. Every year more than 2.000 participants attend the activities and more than 200 pupils with special needs were consulted by the specialists: psychologist, speech therapist, special needs teacher of Anyksciai Education Assistance Authority.

The Education Assistance Authority has a lot of experience organizing international workshops and managing local and international projects.

The central guidelines of Anyksciai Education Assistance Authority are clients‘ needs, individuality, freedom to choose our own way, know-how, development, a balance between financial resources and needs, and a responsible workforce.

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